Jim Cash

This Is My Story

Jim Cash

This Is My Story

What the hell would you do when you suddenly realized that you had existed before?

What would you do if your normal life was suddenly interrupted with memories and visions?
Would you listen to yourself? Would you believe in these feelings and memories? Would you ignore them and write them off?
What would you do if you suddenly began to entertain clear, rational thoughts that you have lived before? What would you do if you found out you had killed before – and were found guilty of these crimes and sentenced to death yourself?
What would you do if you remembered your death in vivid detail… and suddenly realized that some of the people in your current life, you recognized from the visions and dreams of a previous life?
And you have vivid, detailed memories of these experiences – knowing for a fact that your body has been there before?

Well that is exactly what happened to me!

Are you curious about what happens after you’re dead? Are you curious about the afterlife? I may not be able to tell you exactly what your experience will be…

However, I do invite you to listen to me detail my story about this very thing to you – my two previous experiences with dying and walking through the light. You see, I am currently in my third life. In my first life I was a college educated engineer that obtained a job with United States Government, on the planet Pledies.

The highlight of this life was when I was assigned as the finishing engineer on the project Tuhanaco, on Earth. I traveled on a military expedition supply ship for a few weeks to get here to Earth.

I have been present during the construction of many earthly wonders.

During my second life I chose to be born on earth and I became an infamous Nazi Personna that was executed for war crimes.

And finally, I am speaking to you now in my third life – where the weird and obscure and strange seems to happen to me every single day.

I have over 150 years of life experience.
I am available for public speaking, private sessions, and interviews.
I will not be speaking politically, secularly or religiously.
I simply have a fantastic and positive message to give to you at the end of me detailing my lives and experiences to you.
I am currently writing a book based on all of my experiences.